Saturday, April 28, 2012

5 years old and learning about the world!

I know that the weeks have ticked by and not one day is the same.. from learning about how the sky is big and the clouds are marsh mellows.. well that is according to my sweet 5 year old girl.. I am amazed on how much she knows.. I am amazed in a way i cant describe!! How can one little person enter this world and then grow and blow me away!! I haven't ever just talked about 1 of my kids in ages.. Can you imagine what i will learn with three!!

5 years ago, April 5th i welcomed my sweet baby girl into this world.. I was scared and worried , how am i going to teach you if i don't even know how to make it by myself, i am a kid too! I soon learned that even if i messed up that little face still showed love .. I admit i am not the worlds greatest mother, nor do i do trendy up to date things!!! I like to think that my daughter will forgive me if i am not the worlds coolest mother either..  I want her to know that if she needs something always ask and i will do my best to give.. well advice mostly.. I am way to broke for the 50 dollar barking puppy she wants.. wait... never mind we got her one of those except it does a lot more than barks. I love it how she tells me that meatballs taste like meatballs and that she has a magically pony named diamond and many other magical friends. I love how she tells me more about weather and tells me i am wrong!! I love it how she just smiles and tells me it will be OK even if i am not in the mood.. I know that is why God made kids the way he did.. maybe because we hadn't learned the greatest thing. Love.. yes that 4 letter word that people misuse and abuse .. Love the absence of hate and hurt... the one thing that until you have a child you wont truly know... I am still learning about the world.. I learn it through the laughs and smiles and conversations about the mailman and the snails ... i am 23 years old and i will tell you this.. if some of the people would sit and listen to children they would learn that with anything .. take it a day at a time and dig in the dirt just a little more!!