Friday, September 30, 2011

New baby madness : i am in love!!

So here i sit in my black shirt.. wait a minute.. what used to be black shirt.. again typing out my thoughts.. It reminded me of when i made this blog!! I was doing the same thing.. It has been crazy with a new little life here.. Though i would say nugget is filling in his spot quite nicely.. So far in his short life he has been back and forth between Abilene and Dallas and then to the hospital with bubi and mommy and has not caught anything. ( thank God)  We have been working on getting the rest of the stuff packed amongst all the stopping and nursing and the constant diaper changes!!! But none the less i am in love!!! From the cute dimples in his cheeks to those bright blue/grey eyes i am in love!!!! I  know i am still warming back up from being gone so long but i think that this is a nice new start

Nugget is 5 weeks old today and well i cannot believe how much he has changed and i have to brag!!!! He is beautiful!! Sissy and bubi love him soooo much too!! I cant imagine him not feeling loved when both of the older siblings constantly kiss and try to pick him up!! Yes try!!!! Bug and lil man are too little still but they think they have super man strength which leaves me carrying poor nugget with me to the potty!! Leaving him alone with those two would result in being dropped or being someway tortured by there constant prodding of his belly or being pulled on... But alas he is a good baby and only protests when he is truly mad!! Again all my kids are my blessings and i love them dearly!!!! I miss writing and i am going to get better!!!

here he is everyone!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Calling Motherhood has a vlog!!!

Hey ladies and Gents that read my page.. I am starting a vlog... This week will be the introduction and the start of the first topic!!! Hey i got to start somewhere!! I hope yall enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

moving madness!!!

I knew i would say this.. I HATE moving... I never imagined moving more than once in a 3 year period.. Mind you now i am more sympathetic to the military families that move almost every year!!! Needless to say i am tired of being on the move and would like to stay somewhere for more than one year so that i can relax and get the feel of the land...

So i guess let me start by saying.. moving with a newborn is not the greatest thing in the world... I would like to have moved while i was pregnant.. but pickers cant be choosers.. Now i look at this as a challenge.. I am enjoying the quite before the storm.. The other two ( my oldest kids) are keeping me busy by running all over town to see the new stuff... I planned on taking them to the Rodeo ...but alas my plans this weekend has made that impossible.... But i will be back in time to take them to the balloon fest!!!! I cant wait to see all those pretty hot air balloons in the sky at sun set..... maybe i can talk one of the people into taking me up!!!!

I have imagined what my house will look like once we get it put together... I do believe though it was made for a family of four max... I have had to shove things back into boxes because well we just cant fit it all!!! I know that we will get there and have it all done some day!!!!!

I guess that is all for now since i am so nerve racked about traveling back to Dallas this weekend to pick up another round of things... I have come to the conclusion .. we cant fit a lot more in here!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kaleb's birth story

After a hard pregnancy the day came,well the morning came that he was born. After having over 15 shots of Hydroxy Progesterone and 32 weeks bed rest he came .. But needless to say here is the story.. i hope you can keep up!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23:

10:00 pm Ugh my tummy hurts... dinner tasted great, but now i am in the bathroom with the poops and i am soo tired and want to go to bed.... kids are out.. why am i not ..
11:09 pm: ahhhhh finally in bed!!!

Wednesday August 25:

12:35 am : ugh i feel sick again... maybe it was the food.. maybe i just had a contraction... ugh this has happened the last week and i dont want to get my hopes up.. goodnight world..
3:00 am: Ugh my back hurts... i cant get comfortable in my own bed... aha this is it i think.. just to make sure i am going to sit in the chair..
 3:30 am: aha every 7 mins... ok i can deal with this
3:50 am: wow every 5 mins.. they hurt more too!
4:00 am:  Ugh i need a bath.. i need the water.. i need the heat...waiting on dad to get out of the shower...
4:15am: ahhhhhh this feels good.. the hot water is soothing.. but still not enough.. i need to pee again..
4:30am: ok i am going to call my Doula ... I need her support.. she says she is coming over. i still think it is too soon.. Went to the potty and saw blood.. called her back.. its bloody show... wow this is it!! i cant wait to meet my little boy!!!
4:50am: oh please .. please make this stop... well don't stop.. but make the pain less.. Please get here Amanda... I need you!!  Praying for peace and strength..!!! contractions coming every 4 mins
5:15 am: Amanda get to my house... oh i wish i could make the pain stop.. she helps me through a contraction standing... i decided that my ball is the best thing... i sit on it.. OH MY that helps... but it hurts worse.. I go potty and have a contraction and nearly want to pass out.. i feel pressure..
5:30-6:10 am: we are headed out the door... contractions are every 2 mins.. i feel pushy.. i need to go!! we get in the car and drive like mad to get there.. please Lord my God  help me, give me strength for this sweet little boy...... I have a few more as i am getting close to the hospital... we drive into the ER parking area.. Amanda goes in and runs out.. telling me to go to the woman's center... i  think i can make it...
6:15-6:55 am: i have a contraction as i am walking in.. nurses rush in and help Amanda and I... I know that  these are coming close.. its hard for me to walk... they put me in a wheel chair and wheel me back... They get me into triage.. thank God i made it.. I have a contraction in the bathroom.. I get to the bed and i am laying there and letting her hook me up.. then she checks me... I am only WHAT 6cm .. ugh dont tell me that... I feel the urge to push with the next contraction.. She gets me ready to move.. she wheels me into the room.. I am being told don't push.. don't push.. i have to.. She checks me again... i am an 8!!! I have to hold still for my IV and i cant stand laying like this... Next contraction comes and i hear a POP.. I broke my bag.. water feels like it is puddiling everywhere..nurses are trying to break down the bed.. leave me along please... My mom walks in as they are prepping me for birth... they yell for a doctor, mine isnt even there.. by this point i am pushing him down... I feel like he is not moving down.. then again i do... I feel my underside burning... nurses struggle to get the doctor dressed before he crowns and his little head pops out!!! One more push and my sweet boy is born.. I hear him cry!!!

After his birth i get to hold him.. He gets checked over really quick... I cant believe i have such a sweet baby.. I cant believe i did it naturally.. I got the Birth i wanted... though faster and crazier!!! I am complete!!! I get to breastfeed my sweet baby.. I am in love.. I wish Kevin had made it.. He was upset, but when he got in there he looked at his son and smiled !!! He was so worth all the pain!!!