Sunday, June 24, 2012

my war with processed food .. oh my aching tummy

Well this will be the last time i let my fiancĂ© go to the store!!! I let him go thinking, maybe just maybe he knows what i want the kids to eat and he knows what i like. He returned home with junk food!!! I was crushed! What store did you go to? Does this man not know what the canned chili does to me? He bought the ground beef in a tube!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I calmed down and started putting up the items that would on a regular basis, make me sit all day on the potty!! Normally my basket is filled with whole wheat bread and organic grain fed chicken... not some poor animal hacked  to death!! I smiled at him making him feel like he did great, knowing if i was mean i would upset him. See part of changing a house over from processed to clean is the opposite party that does not care any other way doesn’t even keep up!! Two days later I am back in the bathroom crying because all the fats and oil is making my IBS worse. I have been rid of the pesky runs and gas for awhile only for it to come back!!! I know I rant on and on about eating raw foods and veggies and how good it is for you.. I wish people would see how wonderful this stuff tastes.. I am truly addicted.!! well enough of that.. i am going back to my salad and window gazing!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your one of those natural birth, babywearing, breastfeeding moms ? Yes , Yes i am !!

Lately i have been to so many play dates, pools and shopping centers , i cant even keep up ! I love to go out and spread the word by action that nursing in public and the baby wearing thing is all normal!! I was shopping at walmart and decided heck, lets see what people say to baby wearing!! I was stopped several times asking me why not put him in a baby seat that Walmart provides? I told the few nay sayers "  I choose to keep my baby close to me and he likes it, so i am going with what he wants." Some people came over and cooed and played with my sons one free arm! I was amazed that some even gave me kind words of support!

I love being asked questions about how i feel about natural birth and the wonders of breastfeeding. I was in a article here in town about nursing in public during the Target nurse in.. how else can i speak about this new found love? I love how i have bonded with my three children! I admit we are still working on the organic eating and the clean eating aspect as daddy doesn't help when he brings home junk food!! Let me make one thing straight.. I will not be a mainstream, trendy mother. I prefer to live my life in a simple cotton tee shirt and a pair of maternity/blue jeans! I do have a few things in my house many crunchy moms do not have. But i love the ideas and ways these mothers live .. I plan to take it a step farther soon.. Maybe learning to live off the land instead of buying foods? making my kids clothes? Who knows but i cant seem to think of anything else to write about but this!!

anyways till next time!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So i am sitting here at my house as usual with nothing to do but write, watch TV and  that's about it. I have spent hours on facebook today looking at peoples babies, their wedding photos, their lives on a daily basis and countless ads about different products.  I guess my screen time was used for the next 5 days because man i am cross eyed. I started this entry without a topic and then thought, wow maybe all the distraction  makes it harder for me to get things done ( like write here)

I have thought about how fast time goes and the little things that i should have enjoyed with one child, i didn't enjoy with the other. I know that my delay in writing was because i have never had time to think , much less write .. I was pausing for awhile to enjoy the small things!! It is weird almost to look back and think i went through some of the most extraordinary things the last few years and i haven't wrote about them.. I think that i am on the writers block road!!! Mind you what doesn't help a lot of the time is the fact my 9 month old screams when i am not around.  Will Calling Motherhood become a helpless rant about how being a mother is ?

I know a lot of people that actually know me know how i live my life. Most of it revolves around the kids. I wake up feed them and clothe them for the day and allow them to run around my house, build tents and pretend they are rulers of fairy land!! No really i do! My daughter loves to pretend!! I love it that my child has imaginary friends and that my son pretends that he is on a race track on his cars ride on toy!! I love that my kids are normal!!  I have done nothing but devote my time a research into making sure i am doing best for them and then shrugging off the things that do not matter!  I think life is what you make it. Don't make it any harder for yourselves !

enough ranting for one day!!! until next time

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am stormy momma

You remember when you where a kid and you heard the thunder rumble outside your windows .. Where you afraid of it or did you love it?I was always the first one on the porch pointing at the night sky as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.. I remember my grandmother telling me that it was the Angels bowling and the rain was them crying because someone was hurt etc.. Now that I am Older I see weather in a new way. I love the feeling of the rain and love the soft rumbles of thunder.. I am a storm spotter and I am so ready to take it farther.. So I started a new segment of my blog called stormy momma moments... Maybe it will help people learn about weather.. Maybe it will be the bragging point for me to show my respect for God's power.. I'll fill you in as soon as possible as well as do my other posts!!

Until it storms!!!