Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainy Days can drive you insane

I look over at my window and sigh at the rainy looking clouds outside.I figure that having the 70's for weather in February Is a blessing and that my children should be at the park playing with the other  children enjoying the warmth that God has blessed us with. As a storm spotter i am getting ready for what may be a interesting afternoon. How can i be thrilled about being left alone with two children raring to go.. go.. go and not wanting to stop? What do i do with such energy? I have tried the creative side of things with my daughter making little colored pictures to hang in my room and at the same time keep my son from eating the crayons! I have tried building tents only for my son to turn around and try to chew on the clothes pin and pinch his lip while my daughter lays in the floor laughing!  I love the antics ... i really do but i have not found anything but watching movies and eating snacks that quite them down. Sometimes i think how my mother got me to settle down during the rainy days, most of the times we used to sit down and read a book and then enjoy all the beautiful things we could see out the window... My motley crew likes to go about destroying things... Maybe the remembering and enjoying the beautiful things will come later!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Omg the cuteness never ends!

I woke up this morning to a diaper in my face. My son decided that being cute isn't very hard as long as he can pull some kind of prank on his dear mother. My daughter i believe is the one fronting the idea' s for this madness seeing as her imagination is higher and greater than any child i know...  He has gone from pulling my pants down to try to crawl up my leg while i am standing to trying to type in whatever he wants in my moms group page on Facebook.  He enjoys throwing stuff at me and smacking my pregnant tummy to get his attention and well that little bit of cuteness wont do for long... I know he is 19 months and he is learning but i tell you the boy is so much like his daddy that it isn't funny! I am sure that some of his cute attitude is from me...

How do children charm us with the cute bug.... Is it just something they are born with or is it a learned skill to keep us from going nuts when they are cheerio covered for the 5th time that day?

Monday, February 21, 2011

I am moving back to Blogger

As you may have noticed i have moved back to Blogger because i feel like i have more of a choice on how my blog looks and well how it is laid out! I am still writing, but have posted many old ones that i have and others have liked over time.... If you don't see a post you like from my last address then let me know! So onto the madness!

(Re-Cap) This battle with atopic dermatitis

It started one evening when i noticed a small rash beginning to form on my son’s face and i knew right away that we would have to go through the same thing with him that we did with my daughter… ugh not again.. not all the creams and medicines and all the other limitations. This all started at three and a half months
Weeks later it went from a rash to almost a blister, then from a blister to this puffy red mound of weeping flesh. When we took him to our local E.R. thinking that maybe it was infected and sure enough it was. They put him on a minor antibiotic and then sent me home. But still it persisted to get worse. I take him again to the E.R. and they looked at him shrugged and said well it is still infected, but we don’t know what to do. 5 hours later and a skin swab, we found out he had staph on his face. Again prescribed another round of antibiotic and then sent home. Months went by with the same treatment, then they added the steroid! All i wanted was my son’s once smooth baby skin to come back… Many people looked at me weird and also asked if he was burned, fell, or some i heard whisper that i was hurting my son. I was crushed and desperate for help. Finally one evening i stood up and said i need to get a dermatologist and have you help me, i cant find anyone… Thank God 2 weeks later i had a referral and a doctor! A month later we are seeing someone from Children’s medical center. Since then it has been cream after cream and the battle rages on… but at least we have a new cream that works to the point he is growing new skin!!
Ok for those who dont know what this stuff is…
Atopic eczema (aka infantile e., flexural e., atopic dermatitis) is an allergic disease believed to have a hereditary component and often runs in families whose members also have asthma. Itchy rash is particularly noticeable on head and scalp, neck, inside of elbows, behind knees, and buttocks. ( from Wikipedia)
Doctors do not know the exact cause of eczema, but a defect of the skin that impairs its function as a barrier, possibly combined with an abnormal function of the immune system, are believed to be an important factors. Studies have shown that in people with atopic dermatitis, there are gene defects that lead to abnormalities in certain proteins (such as filaggrin) that are important in maintaining the barrier of normal skin.
Some forms of eczema can be triggered by substances that come in contact with the skin, such as soaps, cosmetics, clothing, detergents, jewelry, or sweat. Environmental allergens (substances that cause allergic reactions) may also cause outbreaks of eczema. Changes in temperature or humidity, or even psychological stress, can lead to outbreaks of eczema in some people.

(Re-Cap) Nursing your baby in Public…… Its too taboo!

Get this your sitting in a mall and nursing your 5 week old baby and someone comes up to you and tells you to move to a bathroom! Of course you reply that it is legal in that state to nurse anywhere you want or if there is a room made for it you can go there, but still that person hounds you and even has you removed from said mall..
This happened for real to a mother in Ceder Rapids, Iowa and well in many other places… there is to many to name!
I have had my own problem with a teenage boy to naive to even understand that these things on my chest where ment to feed baby and maybe just maybe make a man happy! Luckily for me i didn’t have to deal with what some of these women do… and well it makes me down right sick!
What i cannot understand is the fact women in clothes now days show off more than a nursing mother does feeding her child…. erm does that tell you something… we think that feeding a child is perverted, what about the shirt that you can see through and practically see the woman’s nipple, or is it the fact that men and women alike think that a woman breastfeeding her child is like that of Betsy the moo cow! I think that the United States has too much Pride in making women out to be these anorexic statues that have to look like Arnold on a good day! I am one to tell you i do cover my son up while he feeds, but at any time i could say no and uncover myself for the shear fact i don’t give a rats rear end about what someone thinks of my ” milk swollen breast!” Well sir if you are looking at my chest your looking to hard!
*insert Bill Clinton voice* My fellow Americans it has come to my attention that you are all idiots!”

(Re-Cap) No mom is perfect: peer pressure

Have you ever heard the words… “you should do this instead of that, you are spoiling your children” , ” Oh my you can’t let them sleep with you , that could kill them!” and the all famous ” if you don’t wean you can’t do anything!”
My son is now at the cute age of 10 months and well, when people used to shout ” you need to breastfeed!” and “you can’t spoil a baby!” they are now shouting the opposite. What am i a programmed Robot that takes orders from other on how my children are to be raised! How can you tell a person to stop eating from their favorite spot and expect them to like it, or tell someone to go sleep in a dark enclosed area with no lights and no sound when they listen to their favorite music for more than 9 months and had a dim light to allow them to see?
That is what we miss as adults where we do this to our precious little babies and our toddlers when we decided to wean them early because of our own agenda or use the cry it out method to make them sleep in their own bed so we can have our own place!
I have went through the cry it out method, it was horrible…. i listened to my precious baby scream her head off and then start to vomit uncontrollably all over her bed and the floor! But still my parents who i lived with at the time as well as family told me that she needed to get out of my bed and into her crib or else she will never leave it! I was a teen mother and a first time mother, that’s why i fell for it! Two years later i gave birth to my son and swore up and down i would never ever do that to my second child, that i would train him slowly by naps and get him sleepy enough to get used to it and at night he could sleep with his mommy. So far i have saved him keep breathing and alive by keeping him from throwing up all his food as a newborn, with a preemie it is hard not to want to hold them as much as you can, they thrive off of love and being held. I have saved him from carving open his face with his fingers because of his skin condition, and i have saved him from choking on his own snot from a cold, the same thing that changed my mine when my daughter at only 9 months turned blue on me one night from… she had RSV
Weaning for a breastfeeding mom is almost as traumatic as it is for the baby! We love that one on one comfort we get from our little nursling cuddling into are arms. I remember how hard it was when i was a bottle feeder, i stayed up with a screaming baby, who at no cost could be comforted until 6 weeks later found a formula that worked!!! But then the illnesses and another things set in and i wish i could have saved her from some of this mess! When i found out i was pregnant, yet again i told myself i would do better! When he was born i did the skin on skin and started to nurse this little baby who weighed 6 lbs and was only skin and bones, now you could never tell. My favorite thing about this is he has only been sick 3 times, my daughter had been sick over 25 by this age! I remember when we got the H1N1 and i was sick with it, through the fever and the sickness i fed my son, who yes caught it and did pretty well! The doctor at children’s told me that i was saving him by breastfeeding him. ( at that time he was 1 1/2 months old and 10 pounds)
Now begins my rant here is a few things people spouted out at me!!
Your still nursing your son, you wont be able to do anything!: Not true, i do everything i need in a day and get it done! Just a few breaks to sit down and nurse wont kill me! I do not want to drink and well i think the added benefits count more than the other!
you co-sleep with your kids, they are spoiled: nope i call them safe, more babies die from SIDS in a crib than any bed with their parents! ( i know that for a fact, my daughter could have been one)
you should not hold them and cuddle them at long they are spoiled: Yup spoiled with love, try holding your kids longer, we all take that for granted !!!
You make your own judgment and well if you don’t agree that is fine, but this is where i stand

(Re-Cap) When someone else thinks they can do your Job: parenting

I have always said to my parents when i have kids it will be this way and that way and that is how life is to go as a “perfect” little family. You know the old famous white picket fence and the station wagon look with the ever smiling mother holding out a pie… yup that’s what i said would be my life…. fast forward 7 years and it is…… Bus rides to the doctor and mall and the ever constant ringing of my cell phone.. but that is not all that parenthood has become.. people constantly telling us how to do our job!
I have had nothing but advice since i first heard of my daughters upcoming birth over three years ago and well… sometimes i didn’t want to hear it.. My though was ” If you think you can do better than this lil 18 year old girl then you can do it!” Of course after her birth i didn’t think that because my daughter was mine!! I listened to countless advices about how to burp, wipe and well do other things including how to get red colored vomit out of your carpet.
But what about the diffrent things you don’t want to hear, such as the Cry it out method (aka the CIO) that age old theory that you can spoil your kids by letting them sleep with you, or the old breastfeeding past one is sexual! I mean come on people what are we turning parenting into… are we going into the dark ages of parenting where even our diaper bags tell us what kind of person we are , or that ATV stroller that we spent nearly three months worth of diapers on..
I know my job as a mother is to discipline my kids and love them and hope like most they don’t turn out to be gun slinging terror threats and well maybe turn them to the age old i want to be the president! Well good luck! Until then i can do my job and i am not looking to hire anyone else!

( RE-Cap) So many people , to many opinions: top things that make this mom fume

When the debate about circumcision,vaccines, breastfeeding and co-sleeping comes up i usually mind my own business, but there are some idiots that make me go ugh! What are we thinking and when will we ever know the truth. People with ignorance problem make the parenting struggle more difficult and well down right scary. I already told you all about the medical way that people are interfering in a normal medical problem, how many people have atopic dermatitis , probably around thousands. I love to sit here and think about how some people’s view you just because of wealth status, the way you dress or even just pass judgment on you before they talk to you.
So i have my opinion America….. And well it may get ugly so hang on:
As for the whole Medical society, you may research and try to find cures for some of the most complex diseases but you forget the most common illnesses that can effect a life just as much. Have you not time for other conditions that are mild but can become deadly. Don’t ever assume a mother who spends most of her time in a hospital room is neglecting that poor child who is soo uncomfortable because they cant sleep. I would think if you knew what the condition was , you would know the symptoms. or maybe you just need your skin rubbed with sand paper and itch powder on your body at the same time and you will know exactly what it feels like!
About Breastfeeding: Common people grow up, boobs are for feeding our kids and the casual enjoyment of of your husband. Those two masses attached to our body are God’s design to make sure we feed them what is the best. So for the idiot men that think that we are sick for sticking a boob in our kids mouth to feed them, like we all say go eat your lunch under a blanket and in a bathroom stall and you will then know how those sweet babies feel!
About vaccines: i personally think that i would do it, not because i love pumping chemicals into my kids body or the fact i agree with them all, i want my kids to be safe from the big bad bugs that can kill them…. now the chances are my kids are going to be just fine…. I had all of mine and i am OK, i have very little health problems… all not related to getting vaccines! I WILL NOT HOWEVER GIVE MY DAUGHTER GARDASIL or take the pertussis vaccine for whooping cough nor do the H1N1 vaccine.
About co-sleeping… ugh has this not been fought enough…. before there was cribs there was the family bed.. before some genius decided that a baby who has been inside its mother for the last nine months needs to be put on this hard cold plastic bed and left alone to scream when the parents want to sleep…. I do not agree… Didn’t you guys here the news to other day…. cribs are being recalled because babies are dying or get hurt…… I have a crib…. i use it a little bit when i need my bed to be free or i am gone and my folks take care of the kids! Please consider that poor baby, if you want to have a baby in the room and not your bed, put the crib in your room… If you cant co-sleep in your bed…. get a side cart!
Out of all of these things i cant stand it is the mommy bragger…. if you want my view on this go back to my blog log and find the brag mom… it explains it all there!!!
Until next time… maybe you will understand that yea it is a little hard for me to take sides, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty you know where i stand!