Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink Slime: OH it grosses me out!!

Lets take a little history ride shall we ..

Imagine it is 1901.. You live on a quaint little farm out in the country. You have chickens and cows and pigs. When it came time you would find the choice animal to kill and use it for meat. You would cut off the meat and then throw out the bits of bone and intestines because they are not favorable. Imagine the smell of the meat cooking and how good it was..

Ok lets fast forward to now ... 2012

Let us imagine a large set of land with thousand of cows on it, all of them are injected with antibiotics.Most are standing ankle deep in their own feces.. most of them are fed a grain,bone and vitamin mix. Now it is time to kill the cow which has been forced to become that large.. It goes into a processing house. In there the same thing happens . They cut up the cow and put aside the bits and bones that we normally would not eat.. They grind it and strain it and put fillers in it..

STOP!!!  WAIT!!!


 E Hows definition of fillers:
alot of the food we eat contains fillers and additives that are made from a variety of other meat and non-meat products. These are included to increase the bulk of the item, to extend shelf life, and to improve flavor and texture, among other reasons. Sometimes they simply allow the food industry to produce more food at a lower price; they can reduce the cost of food from 10 to 30 percent. Meat fillers are commonly used, especially in ground-up meats like hamburger and sausage.

ok now that we know what this is lets find out the kinds of fillers.. Again lets see what E How defines this
(non meat Filers
    • Not all meat fillers are made from meat. A cereal binder is usually a combination of flour and oatmeal that is often used in hot dogs. Bread crumbs and other starchy food additives are used in many foods, as well as rusk, a biscuit-type of filler that is found in sausage. Vegetables, roots and legumes are also used as fillers. Most fillers are typically high in carbohydrates and low in nutrition.

    Meat fillers

    • Interestingly enough, meat is rarely used as a meat filler. At times, mechanically deboned meat such as turkey and chicken parts are used as fillers. Some low-grade, inexpensive meats, like those in a can, are sometimes made exclusively from mechanically deboned meat.
    • Meat extenders are added to meat to extend the shelf life of processed meat. They are a type of filler with more protein content. Extenders usually consist of a cereal mixture combined with meat, fat and blood and are common in meats such as hot dogs and breakfast sausages. Some other extenders used in meat are soy flour, soy concentrate and legumes.

    Other Additives

    • In addition to the fillers and extenders, other additives are combined for preservation and flavor. Salt is added for flavor and shelf-life; nitrates are added for color, flavor and shelf-life; phosphates are added for protein structuring and water binding; and monosodium glutamate, commonly known as MSG, is added for flavor. Processed meats contain the most fillers and additives)

WOW ... so lets get this straight. I am eaither eating  scrap meats,blood,bone, fat and some grains..

Right now i think of how much beef , chicken, and pork i have bought !! Can you imagine we have been eating this!!

I see that most of the goverment does not have a problem with this. In fact a bunch of goverment officals went to the factory where this is all done and said that they would love to eat this. Again where is it thier buisness to let these people make a desison to tell us what is good and bad for us.. Is this going to be one of those i rule over you and you have no choice. According to a lot of people that harvest their own meat, eggs and milk , there is a law and a problem with this.. you cannot trust what nature and God made natural!!!

I like most people got to a store and buy my food since i have not had a easy time making my own foods. I have to buy the foods i know are processed because i cannot buy these things without the fillers and etc becuase the assistance i get wil not allow me to go to a famers market or a organic grocery store.  How sad is this.. The goverment pays for all these sick, overweight and malnurished children to eat this trash , but does not look at why the rise in medical care may be linked..

so how do we stop this? Petition? make signs? Beg for another answer.. I agree we have let it go way to long and have been kept in secret what is in our foods.. So i say YES make them speak up and come foward about how this happened.. Let them be the ones that say to go back to a way of life where food isnt massed produced.. let it g back to the old days where a garden was a norm... Where buying a cow to have it killed for meat was ok..  OR lets have store's that we shop at ban these foods!! Most have started to !!

So now you must ask yourself are you ok with this!!! Are we ment to eat these things?!

I want to thank E HOW and ABC for their links.. I recived most of my information from there.. If you want to get slime free beef  please consider the links below .. I thank you for reading!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

And 7 months later....

Immmm back!!!!

I have taken a long break from writing and making a life here in the new city I moved to. Mind you it is nothing like Dallas by any sense! I have enjoyed looking at what possibilities I have now that I didn’t before. Out here the air is cleaner and I feel like my goal of getting rid of all the toxins in my house is going to happen, one change at a time. I feel like I am somewhere now where I can see how it is not to live by someone else’s standards other than my own. I think I have lost touch with the world I had before and look at my life now and smile… I made it!! I got past the hard spots that where holding me down and now with this new freedom I can sit and write and make what I wanted to create and maybe become the person that well, Can be herself

Ok enough of that. It is time for me to get things back to the fun … not so boring details!!!

I know I left you all off at the birth of my sweet baby boy!! He is now almost 7 months old!!! Can you believe it! I amazed by his growth and abilities, from his weight and height to his sitting up and scooting…  He is just this bubble of happiness and smiles! So far we have not had the terrible breakouts like I did with my 2 year old son. I am blessed to have had such a wonderful birth and now again breastfeeding.. This time more empowered as before!!  I live to see that little boy smile and laugh and when I have a chance I do just that. Make that wonderful smile come back!!
KW: I know we also left off on the progress that my son was making!! He is now 2 ½ years old!! Can you imagine the terrible twos have started again! I first started this blog when he was the cute squishy age of my other little one!! ANYWAYS!! His Eczema has somewhat cleared!!  I am sad that he is still struggling with this all!! I have also got him in speech therapy!! Again I  am going to keep you updated but hey!! Good news is the best news!!
KE:  I am so exited... Sad…  Etc to announce that she will be 5 in a week!!! Can you believe it when I started this blog she was 2!! Can you imagine how I must feel!! I am glad that we are going to enjoy it with the family!!
Me: I MOVED!  I moved to west Texas!! I am a little scared of this town.. I feel like I do not fit in! I am also doing Avon and trying to keep up with my SKYWARN!!  I have been so busy it isn’t even funny!!