Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mothers Night Out

So who wants to go out for two hours.... No not 5 minutes ... but for two hours by yourself and no one else to hang out with some other local mommy's just like you?! I do!!!

I am counting down to May 5th for The local mother's night out at Firewheel Mall here!! I know some of you ladies that read my blog live in other places in the United States!! I will post a link to find mall's and places that will host your mothers night out!!

So who would like to get together for a well-deserved break to socialize and relax? They will have have music, networking and entertainment as well as swag bags and product displays and yoga and relaxation displays and pampering with a mini massage!!

So if you would like to Join me at Firewheel Mall in Garland please email me on my Facebook @ and let me know or if you are not in my area then ill post the link for National Mothers night out

National Mothers nite out website is :
and their facebook is :

Friday, April 8, 2011

This day and age sickens me!!

I woke up this morning about 4 am to catch the morning news coming on and was shocked on hearing that no one could make up their minds about how to fix a more than a billion dollar deficit we have been setting ourselves into... Oh no wait not the people that work hard, the so called blue collar people who go out daily and work hard, but the higher powers in the country... The U.S. has set up a major problem not only for themselves but everyone in this country..

I am a typical everyday mother of two and i am out of work... Not because i cant find a job, but it is too expensive to pay for daycare... I ride the Bus where i need to go because it is too hard to have two vehicles and pay for insurance... I have to use Government assistance because i cant pay for medical care for my kids and myself .. It is not the most glorious life... Do i love having to ask help, no but i have no choice.. I know that soon all that money put aside for this help will be gone and i will be left like most to try to feed my kids and hope that i can keep them full enough not to starve.. My Fiance works hard with his own business from 12 to 15 hour days just enough to pay for our bills and a few groceries that i may need that my food stamps don't  buy.. We make it by but barely.... I envy those who can go to work, come home, and spend as much money on things that they don't need while hard workers don't seem to get enough. Those people sit in Congress and the White House.

Now ask yourselves this, if you protected our country would you like to get paid? We used to be a military family.. My fiance served 7 years in the US Air Force and received nothing in return except a bill asking us to pay back what we owed... What we owed??  What about time away from our family's? The travel pay? What we had to sacrifice... I only got a taste of it.. but for some people this is their lives..... Men and women away from their kids and wives and husbands and family's torn apart... tell me is this right to take away pay for those who sacrifice so much??

Now it comes down to this... we shut down EVERYTHING... hoping that this will fix the problem.. but i think this is only the start...  As a Christian woman i pray for our law makers and those in power, but i am left shaking my head wondering what these people pray to at night...Do they pray to God... Do they even believe in him... I dont know... But i know this... It is going to be hard and it is going to get harder, unless we find some other way... maybe we waited to late... All that i can do is do what i do best...