Monday, September 17, 2012

How Birth may effect our health later on

Natural Births in the US have Long been forgotten for the usual and routine Cesarean section and Medicated birth within the hospitals.. And yet we are not looking at something that may be in our faces.. What about all these new illnesses? The cause of autism.. the cause of allergies... And yet we sit here and just scratch our heads and say oh it genetic.... I think not.. I will make my example

Child 1: Born April 2007 .. Natural vaginal birth with the assistance of an epidural and an epsiotomy .. Patient was given pitocin and antibiotics for GBS .. After the birth child  was formula fed due to moms choice. Baby later suffered from Atopic dermatitis and is allergic to eggs, milk and other foods as well as having PND and Seasonal allergies. Child is on 3 medications daily for her allergies and asthma.

Child 2: Born July 2009.  Natural vaginal birth with the assistance of epidural and had a tear.. Patient was given Pitocin and Antibiotics for GBS . Child was born at 36 weeks gestation.. Baby was breastfed by choice and also later suffered from Atopic Dermatitis and is allergic to eggs and milk and other foods. Child has Asthma and Eczema and Other issues.. He is currently on 6 medications for allergies, eczema, asthma , and food allergies. Patient had hospitalization at 12 mo from failure to thrive. Child has had two surgeries.

Child 3: Born natural vaginal birth. no complications during birth, mother was on bed rest for 34 weeks and was given pain meds , p17 shots and procardia . no medication given to mother during labor, Pitocin was given after birth for bleeding. Child was  given to mother and not removed from room. Child has no allergies or food sensitivities . Baby has been breastfed past the first year...

Now look at the outcome .. Three births.. All vaginal births.. what gives.. why were there more complications with the medicated births.. Why the medical issues for the children later... Now notice the last birth.. no complications with the birth.. and now look at the lack of food allergies and eczema....

Mother has had history of all of these conditions. Mother also was a medicated birth with the help of forceps and was formula fed. Mother was small for gestation with eczema and other health issues.. Father was born with the same sensitivities and issues..  ..

Now lets fill in the blanks .. let look at the statistics.. lets make birth go back to the norm... Lets see how many things would drop off if only a mother choose a natural birth and then look at the past.. maybe we will see healthier children.. this will be continued.. because i think there is more to this..