Thursday, July 19, 2012

If i offend you: im not sorry!!

I have been under attack lately for my parenting practices!! I know that most people would rather have the newest .. coolest .. trendiest baby swag!!! What do i have to say to that??? MEH keep your crap.. I co sleep, i don't need your OMG it costs 400 dollar crib!!! I have a moby wrap, keep your 300 dollar stroller..

I don't agree with formula... In fact i hate the stuff... My daughter had so many problems because of it.. My son was put onto it because he was "sick" .. But you know what gets me ... Making the excuse for not trying breastfeeding!! I understand there is mothers out there that HAVE to have it.. I am not mad at them.. They have to use it because they cannot otherwise breastfeed.. I wish i could donate milk to them or they could find a donor !!! I hate whats in the stuff.. Its SUGAR!!!!!! no wonder i am Fat.. I was a formula baby!!!

I hate cribs!!! I despise them!!! I hate strollers!! I didn't know how easy life was until i didn't have to lug around that heavy thing around!!!

I am a breastfeeding mother... breasts do not offend me.. I bet they do you and to that i am going to say:

BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS , breastfeeding!!!! breastfeeding!! Baby breastfeeding!! Uncovered breastfeeding!!

Do you get it.. its normal!!??

I chose not to cut my sons doodle.. I despise circumcision!!! I hate it it is torture!!! My son is scarred from a botched one!!!  So i naturally would tell any mother not to circumcise their sons!!! It is wrong.. so wrong

Have i offended you yet??

so now you know eh??

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