Sunday, July 15, 2012

A letter to my circumcised son: I am sorry

Dear little Kason,

You will be three in two days!! I cannot believe how time flies. I am ssure you will get whatever you want on your brithday!!! I am thrilled to see how much of a little man you are becoming. I wanted to write this to you because i feel like i took away something that should have never went away.. I regret it and i hope one day you will forgive me. I remember the day you where born... how perfect you where! I know you where early but i was amazed on how wonderful you where and how warm and cuddly you where. I was told by your doctor that you had something wrong with your little boy parts that would later have to be fixed.. Little did i know that you where in for ... At 6 months i sent you in to fix the problem with your boy parts.. what they did to you was not my plan.. The cut you and then left you open.. you would cry everytime you went pee and when you slept you would whimper from the pain.. I understand that i could have stopped that!! I could have saved you from the pain... But i was not fast enough.. now three years later i sit and look at you when i change your diaper and see that things are not right.. they didnt do it right.. you will have to have surgery... I AM SOOO SORRY!!! ...  I want you to know you are perfect to me !! I love you little man!!!

You saved your little brother you know... you are my hero!!! I now know it is never ok to take someones pride away.. like i took yours.. but now i know.. know i know and i am sorry

I love you


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