Sunday, June 24, 2012

my war with processed food .. oh my aching tummy

Well this will be the last time i let my fiancé go to the store!!! I let him go thinking, maybe just maybe he knows what i want the kids to eat and he knows what i like. He returned home with junk food!!! I was crushed! What store did you go to? Does this man not know what the canned chili does to me? He bought the ground beef in a tube!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I calmed down and started putting up the items that would on a regular basis, make me sit all day on the potty!! Normally my basket is filled with whole wheat bread and organic grain fed chicken... not some poor animal hacked  to death!! I smiled at him making him feel like he did great, knowing if i was mean i would upset him. See part of changing a house over from processed to clean is the opposite party that does not care any other way doesn’t even keep up!! Two days later I am back in the bathroom crying because all the fats and oil is making my IBS worse. I have been rid of the pesky runs and gas for awhile only for it to come back!!! I know I rant on and on about eating raw foods and veggies and how good it is for you.. I wish people would see how wonderful this stuff tastes.. I am truly addicted.!! well enough of that.. i am going back to my salad and window gazing!!

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