Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your one of those natural birth, babywearing, breastfeeding moms ? Yes , Yes i am !!

Lately i have been to so many play dates, pools and shopping centers , i cant even keep up ! I love to go out and spread the word by action that nursing in public and the baby wearing thing is all normal!! I was shopping at walmart and decided heck, lets see what people say to baby wearing!! I was stopped several times asking me why not put him in a baby seat that Walmart provides? I told the few nay sayers "  I choose to keep my baby close to me and he likes it, so i am going with what he wants." Some people came over and cooed and played with my sons one free arm! I was amazed that some even gave me kind words of support!

I love being asked questions about how i feel about natural birth and the wonders of breastfeeding. I was in a article here in town about nursing in public during the Target nurse in.. how else can i speak about this new found love? I love how i have bonded with my three children! I admit we are still working on the organic eating and the clean eating aspect as daddy doesn't help when he brings home junk food!! Let me make one thing straight.. I will not be a mainstream, trendy mother. I prefer to live my life in a simple cotton tee shirt and a pair of maternity/blue jeans! I do have a few things in my house many crunchy moms do not have. But i love the ideas and ways these mothers live .. I plan to take it a step farther soon.. Maybe learning to live off the land instead of buying foods? making my kids clothes? Who knows but i cant seem to think of anything else to write about but this!!

anyways till next time!!

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