Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am stormy momma

You remember when you where a kid and you heard the thunder rumble outside your windows .. Where you afraid of it or did you love it?I was always the first one on the porch pointing at the night sky as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.. I remember my grandmother telling me that it was the Angels bowling and the rain was them crying because someone was hurt etc.. Now that I am Older I see weather in a new way. I love the feeling of the rain and love the soft rumbles of thunder.. I am a storm spotter and I am so ready to take it farther.. So I started a new segment of my blog called stormy momma moments... Maybe it will help people learn about weather.. Maybe it will be the bragging point for me to show my respect for God's power.. I'll fill you in as soon as possible as well as do my other posts!!

Until it storms!!!

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