Thursday, June 14, 2012

So i am sitting here at my house as usual with nothing to do but write, watch TV and  that's about it. I have spent hours on facebook today looking at peoples babies, their wedding photos, their lives on a daily basis and countless ads about different products.  I guess my screen time was used for the next 5 days because man i am cross eyed. I started this entry without a topic and then thought, wow maybe all the distraction  makes it harder for me to get things done ( like write here)

I have thought about how fast time goes and the little things that i should have enjoyed with one child, i didn't enjoy with the other. I know that my delay in writing was because i have never had time to think , much less write .. I was pausing for awhile to enjoy the small things!! It is weird almost to look back and think i went through some of the most extraordinary things the last few years and i haven't wrote about them.. I think that i am on the writers block road!!! Mind you what doesn't help a lot of the time is the fact my 9 month old screams when i am not around.  Will Calling Motherhood become a helpless rant about how being a mother is ?

I know a lot of people that actually know me know how i live my life. Most of it revolves around the kids. I wake up feed them and clothe them for the day and allow them to run around my house, build tents and pretend they are rulers of fairy land!! No really i do! My daughter loves to pretend!! I love it that my child has imaginary friends and that my son pretends that he is on a race track on his cars ride on toy!! I love that my kids are normal!!  I have done nothing but devote my time a research into making sure i am doing best for them and then shrugging off the things that do not matter!  I think life is what you make it. Don't make it any harder for yourselves !

enough ranting for one day!!! until next time

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